McDonald’s will introduce plant-based nuggets in Germany

Beyond Meat Faux Chicken Nuggets are now available at the Golden Arches. Increase the number of veggie options on the McPlant menu.

Germans will be the first McDonald‘s customers to eat chicken-free McPlant Nuggets. According to the Associated Press, the veggie centers of the new nuggets are a mixture of peas, corn, and wheat fried in a tempura batter. The plant-based nuggets, developed in collaboration with the California-based company Beyond Meat, will be available on menus beginning next week.

McDonald’s said its Germany-wide nugget debut will include 1,400-plus restaurants and is a follow-up to a test at nine restaurants in the Stuttgart area last summer. According to the Associated Press, McDonald’s will also begin selling its McPlant burger – another collaboration between McDonald’s and Beyond Meat – in Germany next week.

Second Project for McDonald’s with Beyond Meat

McPlant Nuggets are the second menu item developed in collaboration with Beyond Meat. McDonald’s released the joint McPlant burger in 2021, and it is still available in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. McDonald’s introduced the Double McPlant in Ireland and the United Kingdom in early January of this year.

However, it’s unclear whether the McPlant burger will become a menu staple in the United States. According to Bon Appetit, the Chicago-based corporation tested the McPlant burger in about 600 of its U.S. restaurants. According to the AP, McDonald’s ended McPlant U.S. testing in summer 2022 and never took it nationwide.

Customers in Europe have taken to McDonald’s plant-based meat more quickly than Americans. According to McDonald’s statements, customer preferences will determine the availability of the McPlant Nuggets and burger elsewhere.

Beyond Meat will begin selling plant-based chicken in grocery stores in the United States in 2021. It has It has also collaborated on plant-based tenders and nuggets with other restaurant chains such as KFC and Panda Express.

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