Miso Robotics and Wings and Rings collaborate to pilot the Flippy 2

Wings and Rings, a network of sports bars and restaurants, and Miso Robotics have announced a collaboration. At its facility in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, the franchise brand will test the Flippy 2 robot from Miso Robotics, with the possibility of wider integration in the coming months. To increase productivity in the commercial kitchen, Flippy 2 makes use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and data analytics.

The robotic appliance will be used by Wings and Rings as the first company outside of a test kitchen. The company believes it will be able to help the industry’s ongoing labor problems.

“As a developer of robotics technology in the restaurant space, Miso Robotics is a perfect partner to integrate into our business,” said Bob Bafundo, chief operating officer of Wings and Rings.

“We’ve been so impressed by our conversations with Miso and our initial tests of Flippy that we’re adding more menu items into our pilot. Flippy is consistent, dependable and cooks our food even quicker than before without sacrificing the flavor-forward taste we’re known for.”

Nevertheless, its human colleagues will be able to concentrate on more customer-facing duties like serving tables and taking orders. Wings and Rings does not anticipate an immediate impact on throughput and efficiency in the kitchen.

“Adding another brand to our customer base is huge, but when that brand shares in our vision for quality and sees robotics as a game-changer for their overall business and the betterment of their employees, it’s even sweeter,” said Mike Bell, CEO of Miso Robotics.

“Wings and Rings has been committed to us since day one and we can’t wait to work with them for many years to come.”

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