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Dan Mezheritzky was a junior national champion decathlete in Canada. But he had torn his hamstring when he was twenty after competing in the Canadian Olympic trials. Nevertheless, he used his knowledge about fitness to become a personal trainer and build a business. Thus, he started Fitness on the Go in 2005. Later, he went from hiring trainers as employees to contractors for a monthly fee. In turn he provided them with advertising, social media and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to store their workouts. This way the trainers knew they were one step ahead with Fitness on the Go as their brand, backing them up. Further, Fitness on the Go was making over $1 million in revenue and with no employees on payroll!

This gave Mezheritzky all the time he needed to travel the world and do the things he enjoyed doing. Until the global pandemic hit us all. Since his business was based on one-one training he felt that the lockdowns would result in poor or no business. However, he put his efforts to shift his strategy and stir his business towards change to adapt to the challenging times.

Change and adapt to the situation

When Mezheritzky found out that the home gym equipment was sold out during the lockdown period, he instantly spotted the opportunity to help. Those who brought the gym equipment needed some assistance or training to use them at home. He could see that the trainers could help solve this challenge.

Reassess your strengths

Fitness on the Go had the option to train online, but it was not usually preferred over in person training. But with the lockdowns, the online demand was ready to be tapped.  “We quickly put up over 50 live stream classes per week for only $39 per month which helped us actually bring more virtual personal training clients through the door,” he says. Though some business was lost, more than 50% of the customers continued to train online with their trainers. In addition, with online training, they even managed to expand their clientele over borders.

Join forces

Mezheritzky realised that many independent trainers were also affected and needed help. He reached out to over 100 and signed up with 11 new trainers. By May he was back to normal business and expects it to grow over the following months.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness might seem very difficult at first, but the benefits from it makes it easy to incorporate it into our daily life. If you feel very stressed or out of time, meditation can help you relax and be more productive. For Mezheritzky chanting twice a day, brought more focus and improved his outlook to the flow of life around him.

Some of the books that he recommends are: the novel Shantaramby Gregory David Roberts and the nonfiction books The Buddha in Your Mirrorby Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin, and Ted Morino; Nonviolent Communicationby Deepak Chopra and the late Marshall Rosenberg; and Stealing Fireby Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal.

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Source: Forbes

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