Online demand increases for Tutor Doctor

“Stay at home” has become the norm at least for the foreseeable future until the vaccine for Corona virus is discovered and implemented. However this does not stop us from working remotely. This also applies to not just the parents, but the kids too. Kids have embraced the online classes to stay on track with continued education. These odd times require a bespoke service for personalized online tutoring classes for the students. And thus the online demand increases for Tutor Doctor services.

Growing with Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is recognized as one of the leaders for the in-the-home providers of supplementary education in the UK. They have over 80 offices across the country. A  few months ago their demand for online tutoring services rocketed to over 120%.

“There’s a very real concern in many parts of the UK over the spread of the virus throughout schools and colleges,” says Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor.

“Parents, and even students themselves, have been taking proactive measures, reaching out to us to find out exactly how we can support them as they attempt to minimize the risks. For many, this is a crucial time of year so it’s essential that any learning breaks, which may occur as a result of the outbreak, are plugged. Whether it’s continuing to run with the national curriculum or providing specialist revision sessions, the convenience and safety of online sessions are unmistakable.”

The process to assess a child’s needs based on goals, personality, and learning style remain the same. For the difference now is that technology, helps the tutor connect with the students over various software. For instance Facetime and Skype with a highly interactive Whiteboard. In addition the ‘record and playback’ option helps in revision.

In the current situation the government chooses to keeps schools shut to avoid and control the spread of the virus. This is for the safety of the students. Nevertheless it also adversely affects the studies, social interaction, and academic progress. And to overcome these challenges parents are looking for alternatives solutions. And this resulted in the online demand increase for Tutor Doctor services.

“We’re poised and ready to react to a national outbreak,” adds Milner. “With over 36,000 tutors across the length and breadth of the country, we’re well-resourced and ideally placed to support families in this difficult and understandably worrying time.”

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