Papa John’s reaffirms UAE customers safety

Papa John’s first opened their doors more than 30 years ago. They have been one of the top household names for pizza delivery ever since. They are now in more than 4,900 locations in 37 countries around the world. Never the less they have been the third-largest pizza delivery company in the world. Keeping their commitment alive, Papa John’s reaffirms UAE customers safety. For they always valued their customers, team and local community.

They have also recently been in the news for hiring more staff to manage their growing sales across the world. This stands as proof of trust the company has built for itself. For in an extraordinary time like this, it is essential to adhere to the highest measures that are already in place.

Quality Guarantee seal

Every delivery is sealed. A Quality Guarantee seal sticker is placed as soon as the food is prepared and packed. This seal reassures you minimal contact till your doorstep.

Contact-Free delivery

The recent option to order Contact-Free delivery is also available. This option is not available for cash payments. Since the delivery is done by dropping it off just outside your door. You can have this service for free by just mentioning “Contact-Free” while you place your order. For instance, you can inform the Call Center (600520001) while ordering. Or alternatively use the New Papa John’s Pizza UAE App and comment “Contact-Free” while you place the order.

Health and Hygiene Standards for Staff

All their staff have completed the food-safety awareness training. They wash their hands frequently per prescribed guidelines. Also, they immediately use a compliant sanitizer to sanitize their hands. Their body temperature is taken before they join their shifts. If it is greater than 37.5 degrees Celsius they will have to report to a doctor instead of joining their shift.

Papa John’s UAE, CEO Tapan Vaidya reaffirms to continue their efforts to monitor the situation to ensure UAE customers safety. Furthermore to serve the communities and those who work tirelessly to keep us well.

Source: Gulf News
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