Scooter’s Coffee celebrates its 25th Anniversary winning Guinness World Record title for World’s Largest Cake Ball

Scooter’s Coffee was proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary by breaking the Guinness World Record title for “World’s Largest Cake Ball”. A large birthday themed cake ball was unveiled at the Annual Scooter Coffee’s GROW Conference on 23rd March in Omaha, USA. The cake ball weighed approximately 848 pound, baked from scratch and assembled by the staff of Scooter’s Coffee’s affiliate – Harvest Roasting. The cake ball was fruitfully served to among 1500 Scooters Coffee executives, employees, franchisees and the coffee growers attending the 25th Birthday celebration and conference. Britanny Dunn, the official adjudicator attended the GROW Conference to certify the record.

For numerous weeks, employees at Harvest Roasting have been laboring to create the World’s Biggest Cake Ball. Eleven layers, each weighing 15-100 pounds, was perfectly crafted and transported and delicately assembled during the celebration. Further, staff members applied 150 pounds of buttercream frosting and 50 sprinklers each weighing 2.5 ounces. The Cake Ball was designed, baked, and put together by 30 employees altogether.  To ensure no food-waste, the remains of the cake was donated to Saving Grace Perishable Food Rescue.

“Creating the World’s Largest Cake Ball is just another example of how our employees and franchisees are committed to innovation in creating amazing experiences for our customers every day as we continue to grow rapidly across the United States, “said Joe Thornton, President of Scooter’s coffee, LLC

About Scooter’s Coffee

Scooter’s Coffee, was established in 1998 by Don and Linda Eckles in Bellevue, Nebraska, USA, uses only the finest coffee beans produced worldwide, which are roasted by its affiliate company, Harvest Roasting, in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. The secret to Scooter’s Coffee’s success in two decades of business is upholding the company’s four basic values- Integrity, Love, Humility, and Courage. The family dedicates to serve fresh, delicious baked goods to customers throughout the Scooter’s Coffee’s 29-state footprint.

The Scooter’s Coffee brand’s commitment is often reminded to its franchisee, clients and employees, “Amazing people, Amazing Drinks, Amazingly Fast”. It represents company’s business roots an reflects strong commitment to provide unforgettable experiences to all the loyal and new customers.

Scooter’s Coffee, now celebrating its 25th Birthday, is at the game of approaching 700 stores worldwide. The United States recession resistant Coffee Market is estimated to USD 48 billion annually, qualifying Scooter’s Coffee to strive and become no. 1 drive through specialty coffee franchise system in the nation. To learn more, visit


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