Spiffy launched a high demand franchise model

Covid-19 has helped so many businesses grow exponentially with technology paving the way for a wider customer base. When Spiffy launched a high demand franchise model, there was no stone left unturned by the company to optimize its service for their franchisees and customers.

Spiffy is a top on-demand car cleaning service. It was built to grow with its digital presence along with the increase in the demand for eco-conscious brands.

Currently, they operate across 23 cities in the US. Their services are not limited to just wash and detail. In addition, they also offer oil change, tires, disinfection, and fleet fueling and are planning to add more services over time.

Spiffy was started in 2014. Their app includes options for customers’ schedules, track, and pay for vehicle cleaning and maintenance services. Trained uniformed technicians arrive in the branded vans to your home or work to perform these services.

The company has kept up with the current protocols for high-quality disinfection and contactless services. More importantly, they use eco-friendly supplies and their proprietary technology uses only half the traditional water consumption and does not leave anything behind. In other words, they safely remove and recycle used water and oil, thus leaving zero-footprint.

Franchise model and support

Their franchise playbook is a consolidation of real life experiential learnings and insights from over 6 years of experience in the industry.

“Over the past six years, we have run into just about everything that could possibly happen. Our best practices aren’t cribbed from other franchisees. We know what works and have a well-developed playbook for our franchisees.” says Scot Wingo, Spiffy CEO and co-founder.

Further, Spiffy offers owners a complete mobile car care platform, in-house technology development. In addition, they offer training, and corporate support resources, such as accounting, customer service, and marketing. Moreover, veterans, whose strong operational experience, leadership skills, and discipline are often well-suited for franchising receive special incentives.

“Our vision is to take car care off of our customer’s plate in as convenient a way as possible,” says Wingo.

Source: Franchising.com

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