True REST Float Spa to open in Washington D.C

When True REST Float Spa opens in Washington D.C, they will be able to experience rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and the healing benefits of floating in a weightless and a sensory-free environment in a private float pod that promotes mental and physical wellness.

“We are excited to bring floatation therapy to Washington D.C,” said Jim Rowe, chief executive officer of True REST Float Spa. “We are looking forward to this location’s opening.”

Nick and Holly Janicki opened the first True REST Float Spa in 2009, after searching the globe for the most advanced available healing technologies for their own use. They spent months of research and planning and bet their life savings on this form of relaxation. It worked.

Float therapy is a zero-gravity and sensory deprivation environmental healing technique that utilizes deep relaxation to release tension and stress within the body. With 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts and 180 gallons of water, the 30% salt solution helps alleviate chronic pain, inflammation and the effects of depression, anxiety and PTSD. Each spa offers an oxygen bar, oasis room, private rooms with a changing area, float pod and shower. The proprietary True REST Float Spa float pods have built-in heaters, two-way intercoms, LED lights, filtration and a stereo system for music capabilities.


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