ZIPS Franchisee is ready for growth partners to speed up development

The ZIPS Cleaners franchisee, RR2 Clean Raleigh LLC is looking for an operating partner to help fund the construction of new locations around Wake County, Durham County, and Chapel Hill. In order to satisfy the unmet need for inexpensive, quick-turnaround garment care, principals Ron and Rose Cappello are currently considering offers to take part in the construction and operation of ten outlets.

Ron, a longtime ZIPS client and seasoned commercial real estate broker and investor with an experience in retail, recognized the pressing need for a firm that offered affordable, same-day garment care and was honest about its pricing.

“We couldn’t find anything like that down here, so we contacted ZIPS. After extensive, months long research into the industry, the ZIPS program and this market, we eagerly signed on as franchisees,” he explained. “Unfortunately, other personal commitments have spread us too thin to develop the stores on our own, so we’re seeking an investor to join us in building and operating them, or to assume our agreement with ZIPS and complete it themselves.”

As large corporations like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft establish a presence in the region and more companies like Meta explore joining them, demand for affordable, quick-turnaround garment care is increasing in Raleigh/Durham.

“We’re seeing growth here at an alarming rate,” Ron said. “That means more people need a reliable, affordable and convenient way to care for their garments. Regardless of what they’re wearing or where they’re wearing it, people from all walks of life here need a reliable resource like ZIPS.”

The Raleigh/Durham development will include full-service facilities that house all necessary equipment and process all clothing there as well as satellite facilities where items are dropped off, transported to a nearby facility, processed, and then returned in accordance with the same pricing and processing schedules as at full-service ZIPS facilities. The combination offers more site flexibility and reduces the initial and continuing costs, as well as the time and personnel required to open and manage several locations.

To speed up and reduce the expense of opening sites, the Cappellos are looking at available empty premises and nearby non-ZIPS garment care facilities.

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