3 Franchise Models that offer better work-life balance

Are you looking to do what you are passionate about at work but also worry about having the right work-life balance? These 3 franchise business models that offer better work-life balance are worth knowing about. The idea of running your own business might seem like a never-ending schedule of things to do. However, franchising a business is different as there is no guesswork and thus can help save time, money, and energy. Though there is no guarantee of work-life balance even in franchises, some franchise models may help you achieve it better.

Absentee Ownership:

As the name suggests, you have little or no physical presence in the business. However, a reliable and effective working team is crucial for the success of this model. For instance, Large Play gyms, Hair Salons, and Medical Services. This also means you are not geographically restricted and you are not required to have any specific qualifications or skills necessary to do the job. You must have the acumen to just run the business with a qualified team.

Semi-absentee Ownership:

Under this, the franchisee has a team running, but also participates in its day-to-day tasks. For instance, Boutique fitness centers, educational enrichment programs, and home services. All of these can be managed with a team that includes a manager or supervisor to oversee the operations.

Owner-operator ownership:

Under this the franchisees are hands-on, running the entire business solo or with a small team. For instance, mobile pet grooming, business consulting, and property management. Under these models, the owner can set their level of participation and manage their schedule as per their convenience. They can start running the business by themselves and hire help once they grow.

Source: Forbes

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