3 Instant body language hacks to improve persuasion

Think about the time when you were persuaded by someone. It’s likely that you respected and trusted this person. They most likely didn’t employ aggressive words or physical force. And even if you might not be able to identify the particular thing, they did to persuade you, the individual was probably likeable.

In life we are continuously attempting to convince. In practically every interaction with employees, potential clients, and friends, you are trying to win people over. It is not deceptive, it comes naturally and is inborn. Consciously or unconsciously, we are taking actions that increase or decrease our likeability.

Body language plays an important role in the message we send to the people around us. Fortunately, changing a number of simple aspects of your body language will instantly improve your likeability.

1.Slight head tilt

We automatically tilt our head back when we feel secure, for instance while with close family or a loved one. Or at time when we “coo” at babies, we frequently tilt our heads.

This action is a result of our limbic brain’s reaction. Your neck and jugular vein are both made visible when your head is tilted. As a result of the vulnerability, it subconsciously conveys respect and trust. This gesture can be used to reassure and soothe individuals we care about.

It is important for our listener to feel safe, to be able to see our point of view. And this action shows other people that you are paying attention and aren’t thinking about anything else.

Isopraxis, often known as “body echoing,” is the act of copying another person’s body language. If you see several people in a conversation with their heads cocked, it’s likely that they are more engaged and the conversation will go on longer than usual.

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2.Crossing one’s legs while seated

We find it easy to cross our legs when we feel safe. Planting our foot firmly on the ground is a spontaneous reaction to fight or flight situations that make us feel like we are in danger. Hence, the easy way to convey to others that you are grounded and non-threatening is to cross your legs.

Additionally, isopraxis will cause the other person you are speaking with to mimic you. They will lower their guard when they cross their own legs. This behavior will make a conversation endure longer, just like head tilting. A lengthier chat allows for more face-to-face interaction, which is extremely beneficial for developing rapport in both professional and interpersonal interactions.


Smiling can be charming physical attribute. You radiate positive energy when you smile and present yourself as a happy person. Like any feelings, this too can be contagious. The chemicals linked to reducing anxiety and boosting happiness are released when someone smiles. Therefore, grinning at someone during a conversation uplifts your own disposition, which boosts your charisma and encourages the other person to experience more uplifting feelings.

People will want to spend more time with you and pay close attention to you if they have favorable memories of interactions, they had with you. You’ll be more convincing thanks to these qualities in all of your interactions.

4.Direction the feet are pointed

I’ve always found it fascinating to observe people’s foot movements in social settings. A person’s feet can often tell you where their thoughts are concentrated. A person is clearly interested in what you are saying if their feet are directed in your direction. However, if they are walking away from you, they may be about to leave the group or conversation.

Similar to the previous body language signals, pointing your feet in the direction of the person you are speaking to will also make them want to say more. It is yet another powerful strategy for expressing your interest in the individual you are speaking with. You can encourage them to talk more by doing this.

Body language can help you instantly improve your likeability to ensure you appear more persuasive in a non obvious manner while dealing with your clients.

Source: Entrepreneur

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