3 Reasons why effective team management is important

A manager must not just set an example as a good leader, but also influence their team positively and implement effective team management skills. Apart from ensuring that the company and teams’ goals are aligned, good team management can have multiple benefits.

1.Better team management leads to employee happiness

Happy and united employees have a positive effect on the success of the business. The role of the team leader or manager is also to ensure that their team feels good about the work they do and who they do it for. For instance, when companies effectively manage teams and employees feel happy and valued, their market value and financial performance can increase, employee retention levels can rise, there’s often a higher-quality of customer service, and as a result, customers become more loyal.

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2.Increase employee productivity

Team management can help employees focus on their work and not worry about the external elements. Some ways in whihc you could create an inclusive environment are as follows,

  • Participate -by attending events, showing excitement for team progress, and connecting with employees on a personal level, team members will feel excited to contribute to team goals
  • Recognize those for doing, not achieving –give recognition for completing tasks. Instead of waiting for the results of a task, give positive reinforcement and actionable feedback for completing it.
  • Define goals together – Have open discussions about the company’s high level goals so they know what’s important and what’s not. Then, as a team, decide what’s worth focusing on and how to reach those goals together.

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3.Minimize employee turnover

Employee turnover is an expensive affair. One of the most common reasons for employee resignation is poor relationships between their managers and colleagues. Thus making it very important to not just hire the right person but also retain them for longer.

  • Understand if they would fit in with your company culture – Before interviewing, understand what kind of person would best fit your culture or the culture you want to build. In the interview, ask questions related to the candidate’s values or interpersonal skills and assess whether they’d fit in well with your team.
  • Hire slow – Take your time. Rushing to fill a vacant position may increase the chances of winding up with someone who isn’t a good fit. Be selective and wait for the right person.
  • Have candidates meet team members – bringing in one or two team members to interview candidates will show whether they will mesh with the rest of your team and to spot potential red flags.

There are plenty of advantages to effective team management. Like any other skill, this too can get better with practice.

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