3 Tips for Franchise Territory Mapping

Franchise territory mapping can be simple and easy during the early stages of franchise growth. However, as one expands and grows in its footprint, it becomes more important to have a strategy and plan for territory mapping. These 3 tips for franchise territory mapping can help you understand franchise territory mapping to maximise and streamline the franchise sales process.

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1. Define Franchise Territories

Be clear and sure about the metrics you would like to use to measure or define franchise territories. This includes simple metrics such as mileage radius rings, ZIP codes, population size, road boundaries, or some combination of metrics. It might also be useful to hire a market research company to study your current territories and performance, to assist future territory definitions.

2. Find Future Territory Opportunities

Once you have clearly defined your franchise territory criteria, you may start to look for future territory opportunities. This is important to streamline the franchise sales process. Using simple metrics like ZIP code can be done manually using a mapping platform. However, for more complex criteria, it is better to take the help of a consultant to implement a territory optimization analysis.

3. Map and develop Franchise Territories

Once you have a list of your current and potential territories ready, you can map them. Several mapping platforms can allow you to mark protected territories and potential territories. Further they may also aid you to visualize data or run reports based on your territories to further support franchise sales efforts. All these efforts can improve your franchise sales process and therefore reach your franchise goals faster.

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