3 Tips to identify the sales generating customers

Finding the right audience for your products and service is the basic and most important factor for the growth of any business. The ability to connect and influence your customers is one of the first steps for any business that has been set up. Let us look at how these 3 tips to identify the sales generating customers can help your business grow.

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Understand your target audience demographics

Understanding your customers’ profiles is essential to create your business profile and marketing strategies. This must be done even before you dive into the marketplace to allow for maximum utilisation of the resources. Ask yourself who you are selling to based on age, gender, sex and geographical location.

Research about their current trending interest and have an open mind to grasp all the information. Remember unless you are highly innovative there are already players who have mastered the game. You can learn from their best approaches for success or avoid their mistakes in your business journey. Take advantage of the existing data and knowledge.

Know how your consumers engage with your brand

Being aware of how your audience consumes your product can help you access them faster. For instance, Facebook’s algorithm changed due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2016. As a result, many of the social media network’s marketing strategies were devastated. However, successful companies mitigated the risk by steering away from Zuckerberg Inc or adapted to the new climate.

Meanwhile, many also continued with the Search Engine Optimization techniques, with low cost and high impact advantages. On the other hand, the others increased their presence on sites such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Continuous Engagement

What do you do after you have identified your target group and analyzed their buying habits? You engage with them by delivering a product or service of value for them.

Canadian motivational speaker Brian Tracy has said: Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service”.

In other words, it is not merely a sale anymore. People would want to buy your product only if they feel connected to the emotion behind the brand and its offering. The more they connect with your story the better the chances of them staying loyal to your brand.

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Source: Entrepreneur

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