3 Tips to Recruit International Franchisees

Finding the right candidate might be a tough decision, especially when you are a franchisor looking for international expansion. These 3 tips to recruit international franchisees might help you focus on what is most important when looking for international partners. Though currently we have about 16% of brands that have a global presence, the number is increasing everyday. International franchisees have more responsibility than domestic franchisees, for instance running franchise locations by themselves while having limited access to corporate support.

1.Difference between International and Domestic recruitment

It is common to partner with a master franchisee while expanding overseas. A master franchisee is a resident of the country and understands the political and cultural standards in their country. This helps them either own and operate their own units or sub-franchise to qualified franchisees in the region. They provide support for the local franchisees and are a representative of the franchisor.

However, master franchising is not the only way to grow internationally. One could also recruit international franchisees and monitor their performance and support remotely.

2.Finding qualified International franchisees

Finding a suitable and motivated international franchisee can be a daunting task given the distance in location. The most qualified franchisee must have the local knowledge and financial capabilities to build an international network. In addition, they must have access to real estate and local suppliers. They must strive to grow and uphold the brand’s standards while passionately working towards its success.

To do this, the franchisor must be clear about their target candidates. They must know what kind of people or groups they wish to bring on board from an international perspective.

3.What to look for in an international franchisee candidate and franchisor

Like any good relationship, both the franchisor and the international franchisee candidate must seek a positive, mutual commitment to building the brand overseas. Franchisee candidates, whether a single person or a large multi-brand group, will take a look at the franchisor’s international development program. The franchisor is looking for candidates who demonstrate that they are adequately funded and skilled to develop the brand in their country.

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