3 Ways to prevent employee burnout as leaders

3 ways to prevent employee burnout as leaders

Employee disengagement can be a problem for them, their team and the company. As a leader, you will be managing not just their productivity but also their burnout levels. Ensuring that your employees do not feel the need to stop working as a result of burnout is a vital part of management. These 3 ways to prevent employee burnout as leaders, can help you manage this challenge.

One study shows that 57% of U.S. employees say they are burnt out, with many likely to leave their job after the pandemic is over. And a Gallup survey reveals that the percentage of engaged employees – those enthusiastic about their workplace – is under 40%.

This surge in employee burnout has multiple reasons associated with it. Therefore, spotting and helping out-of-balance employees must be given importance before it creates any personal, health or negative effects around the workplace.

Work-Life balance

Balance is everything when it comes to life. No matter how productive or resourceful an employee is currently, continuing to work at a crazy pace for too long without adequate rest can burn out your best resources. Helping them balance their health, family and life can have a positive impact on the long-term effects of their productivity. This results in a win-win situation for the employee and the company.

Screen out while recruiting

Some companies take advantage of ambitious employees who are willing to burn the candle on both ends to move up the corporate ladder. This has the potential to backfire, as those hires that cannot move up the ladder might choose to leave the company. As a result, HR will spend more time and money looking for a good recruit. Rather, they should invest in pre-hiring assessments to screen out those who value a life outside of work.

Connect with employees’ concern

To be able to see beyond just work, and identify employee concerns can help you understand and manage them more effectively. In addition, knowing their work styles and counseling them when needed can mitigate a lot of employee disengagement before they crack. Pulling them aside and asking them if something is wrong or bothering them, can be the right way to channel their burnout and steer your employees in the best direction for help.

Source: Franchising.com

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