4 Easy ways to identify the Trouble Maker in your Franchise

It’s hard to keep up with everything that happens in a franchise, especially when you’re the one who has to deal with it. All the training you’ve received might be great, but there’s nothing quite as good as knowing what kind of people you’re dealing with. In any business, there are certain personalities that can cause some serious problems if left unchecked. You need to know who they are and how to handle them if they try to become a problem in your franchise. Here are 4 easy ways to identify the trouble maker in your franchise.

1.Questioning authority

If employees are not following proper chain of command, it can lead to customer trouble. Employees who are not following instructions from management may be undermining the authority of their superiors and causing confusion among customers.

2.Poor communication

If employees are not adequately communicating with customers or each other, it can lead to a lot of trouble. If a customer cannot understand what is being said or why they are being asked to do something, they may become frustrated and negative. Poor communication can also cause misunderstandings between employees and customers which can lead to conflict.


Negative feedback from customers: If multiple customers have expressed negative feedback about a particular employee, it may be a sign that the employee is causing trouble in the business. Employees who act inappropriately or who have a history of misbehavior in the past are likely causing problems for the business. This could involve harassing or disrespectful behavior towards customers or making general nuisances in the workplace.

Disruptive behavior: If an employee is frequently disrupting the work environment, it may be a sign that they are causing trouble within the franchise. If an employee is actively creating a negative environment, it may be time to take steps to address the situation.

4.Poor work performance

If an employee is consistently not meeting expectations, it could be a sign that they are causing trouble within the franchise. If there is an increase in quality issues and concerns, it may indicate that the employee is putting unnecessary pressure on colleagues or causing chaos in their work environment.

If employees are constantly refusing to do their job or causing trouble on the production floor, it’s likely that they’re jeopardizing the company’s bottom line.

If customers are reporting problems with billing or payment and employees are unable to resolve these issues, this could be a red flag that there is someone who is spoiling for a fight within the ranks of your company.

If employees regularly depart without giving any notice or explanation, this could signal a lack of respect for their own career and those working around them within your business concept.

The importance of being able to identify the trouble makers in your franchise cannot be overstated. You and all of your fellow franchisees will benefit from knowing who is a problem, why they’re causing problems, and what you can do about them.

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