4 Tips For Strong Relationships With Franchisors


In a franchisor-franchisee relationship, both parties work together to achieve success. The importance of a positive franchisor-franchisee relationship is high, and every aspect of the business can be impacted by the strength of this central relationship. But how can franchisees build a strong relationship with their franchisor?

Cara Squires from Point Franchise wrote an interesting article that highlights 4 tips for building a strong relationship with franchisors. And they are:

1. Establish good channels of communication, and keep them open

Good communication goes both ways, and both parties should work together to ensure that they open channels of contact, and keep them open. Be proactive, honest and clear about anything you need, but feel you aren’t getting, and give your franchisor a chance to make positive changes, rather than letting resentments quietly build.

2. Ask the right questions

Your franchisor should be making regular site visits to you, and communicating with you between face-to-face meets. Any communication that you have with your franchisor is a chance to ask the right questions. Questions should be:

  • Targeted to extract expert knowledge
  • Well-thought out and considered
  • Specific, concrete and focused on tangible data or expertise

Don’t waste the opportunity that the expertise of your franchisor offers you to learn and grow in the business space. Get some new, helpful information, and show your franchisor that you’re engaged and on the ball too.

3. Show your desire to succeed

A franchisor is always searching for a franchisee with the same deep desire to succeed. Prove that you’re that kind of franchisee. Show up consistently, work hard, and prove your reliability.

Demonstrate strong leadership skills and delegating responsibilities effectively to employees/team members. Keep learning new things and complete training sessions and programs.

4. Honour the wishes of your franchisor

There are key differences between running your own business, which you built from the ground up, and running a franchise, which you invested in in partnership with a franchisor.

As a franchise owner, you’ll need to honour the wishes of your franchisor, and respect their overall brand vision.


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