4 tips to expand as a multi unit franchisee

multi unit franchisee

Barry Prendergast is a PJ’s Coffee multi unit franchisee and today he is sharing his four tips to expand as a multi unit franchisee.

In business, money is made in up-scaling. Having one branch is good, but not great. A franchisor needs to add more locations so when business is low in one branch, others would keep the ship afloat until business is good again. Multi-unit ownership is increasingly becoming the norm within the franchising sector.

Barry Prendergast opened his first PJ’s Coffee franchise in 2013. A businessman with lots of experience, in four years he opened three locations. Today, he operates 6 PJ’s Coffee locations. He understands the pressure to expand, but franchisees must check whether expansion opportunities are right for them. Many factors decide whether an expansion will be successful or not. Factors like timing, market conditions, lack of commitment or alignment with the brand. Barry some tips for success as a multi-unit franchisee that he carried from long years of experience, and they are:

Tighten your grasp on the business model

You cannot take a footstep forward unless the other foot is on solid ground. The first franchise branch you open will be the hardest. The learning curve is just starting out. The second branch should be easier, but that depends on how firm is your grip on the business model.

You have to grasp sufficiently the rhythm of your first business for a certain amount of time. That allows you to account for seasonality with the products or services you provide, as well as fluctuations in staffing and customer traffic. When you open a new store, the impression you make on your customer is crucial for building long, strong relationships that nurture repeat business.

Build a team you can trust for your multi unit expansion

Your team and coworkers will make or break your franchise. When expanding, you need a management team capable of maintaining the operational standards you have established with little or zero monitoring. You cannot clone yourself (for now at least), but you can build a team that understands how you think and how will you react in any situation.

“Your employees are going to make you successful,” – Barry Prendergast, PJ’s Coffee Franchisee

Work with a supportive franchisor that has your confidence

Your relationship with your franchisor will have a direct impact on your ability to expand. Find a franchisor that is looking to build a relationship with you and support you. Someone who will work with you on a development timeline and strategy for opening more stores. A partner that will offer you an overwhelming marketing support to help me gain traction in new markets.

When the right opportunities come along…

Be certain you are in the position to grow, which begins with 2 strong fundamentals: people and processes. Once you have those two working flawlessly, you are in a great position to be selective about opportunities to expand as a multi unit franchisee.

Source: Fast Casual website

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