5 Steps towards digital transformation

Technology has long enable us to improve our quality of life. Now more than ever, the digital transformation has taken a front seat in driving business and its growth. Many successful companies have embraced the change towards digitising their businesses. However, many who failed to do so, are running the risk of loss or reduced market share. These below mentioned 5 steps towards digital transformation discusses the mindset and tools required to proceed with it.

1. Move your focus from product to customer

Let’s take the restaurant business as an example. The ones that are doing well are the ones who understood that the customer’s need to have more of contactless delivery instead of dine-in options. So companies who partnered with tech companies to deliver at home could still run their businesses. While those that failed to make the shift from their product to customer, have remained shut or out of business for at least several months during the lockdown. Thus, it is crucial to move your focus from the product to customer experience while adopting the digital transformation.

2. Increase in creative and improved digital content and experience

There are many companies that have created a space for itself in the digital market. Thus setting a high standard of content and consumer expectation. Therefore, there is growing need for more personalised, fast, cheap and sometimes free content. Thus businesses have to find collaborations to scale up the content they provide. Example, engaging customer in a competition on their website can help increase the audience and market business.

3. Can we create content without technical support?

Engaging a technical team can be an expensive affair for some. That should not stop you from making the digital transformation as there are many ways to create content for free online.

You have code-free platforms that can help design content and website even with zero experience. For example Squarespace and Canva for content and website design; WordPress and Wix for hosting; Hotjar and Google Analytics for analytics visualization.

4. Enable remote access and automation

The pandemic has shown us all that work from home can have many benefits. There are many project management platform that can help you delegate and organise work remotely. Automation can add to the advantage of less human intervention. For example in areas like store management or fulfiling remote orders with robots.

5. Right time for digital transformation

This is the perfect time for digital transformation if your company has not already done it. The idea and process can be daunting and scary for many companies. Research more to find suitable tools to educate yourself and step up your digital presence to stay in the game. Everything seems impossible only till its done!

Source: Entrepreneur

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