5 tips for 2022 Franchise Marketing Plan

Well if you have not already created one, now is a good time to get started on your 2022 marketing plan for your franchise. Though you have made it through what might have felt like the toughest year ever in 2021, be prepared for new challenges now more than ever. As it is always good to stay innovative and a step ahead. These 5 tips below will help you devise a more solid strategy for the 2022 franchise marketing plan.

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1. Establish your goals and KPIs.

  • What are you aiming for, and how will you measure success?
  • Are you trying to grow brand awareness?
  • Are you trying to grow sales?
  • How many leads do you need? How are you going to get them?
  • Do you want to grow in specific areas more than others?

2. Create a strong media plan.

  • How are you going to reach the audience you desire?
  • What personas do you want to target?
  • What is the best platform for those personas?
  • How will your budget be split out?
  • Should the allocation change from last year?
  • What will your national budget and strategy be? Local budget and strategy?

3. Develop your creative strategy.

  • Are you going to do a new photo shoot, video shoot?
  • What campaigns will you do? How different will they be from last year?
  • What assets will corporate provide to franchisees?
  • Will you have an evergreen marketing campaign going on to help grow the national brand while you have promotional campaigns to help grow your franchisees at the local level?

4. Enhance your social content strategy.

  • How often are you going to post?
  • What are you going to post?
  • What is the engagement of what you’ve been posting?
  • Do you need a new strategy?
  • Do you need new images?

5. Establish your public relations strategy.

  • Do you have a separate PR strategy for consumer and for franchise development?
  • What would be a big win for your franchise system?
  • Which franchisees do you want to feature?
  • What other stories do you want to tell?

Make sure you spend enough time to plan an set in motion a plan devised from experience, knowledge and courage. The year ahead has just begun and there is plenty that you could accomplish in it.

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