5 Tips to align with customer focused business model

Business exists to satisfy customers’ needs with their products and services. Although it is easy to overlook the same when sales are prioritized over customer satisfaction. To succeed in any business, be it online or physical, it is vital to meet customer satisfaction and give a great experience. Since demand flows from customers, being customer focused is crucial for the survival of the business. These 5 tips can help you to align with customer focused business model.

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1. Put yourself in customers’ mindset

What happens when the brand and its employees put themselves in the shoes of the customers.

  • Find out about who is your genuine client and their needs
  • Spot obstacles in conversion
  • See the pro and cons of your sales process as you travel through the sales funnel.

Developing and continuing this mindset within the different teams can become difficult over time as we all tend to prioritize our individual process and performance.

For instance just walking beside your customer during a sale process can make so much difference compared to talking to them across a desk from a sales counter. Encourage your sales team to test the business as a customer, this can be very insightful in improving your sale process.

2. Information Placement

Search Engine Optimization is all about placing your content in the highest ranking for the customer to access in Google. Ensure your content has all the basic keywords that the customers are likely to look for when looking for your products or services similar to yours.

Increase the customer focus on your sales page by providing relevant and critical information. You can also provide testimonials, highlight benefits and answer pain points. Avoid clutter and redundant information. Impressive website design that favors the brand but does not help the customer can also fail the website. Overall ease of navigation and access to find the relevant information can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

3. Consistent Follow Up

Your sale is not over when you finalize your transaction. Ensuring consistent follow-up will help you point weak points in your service and improve them.

For instance, stay in touch over emails and be accessible for any urgent queries. Respond to queries within 24hrs and ask for feedback. Call or connect with them via social media. Social media is a great way to enhance customer reactions and connections. It can be used as a fun and informative way to advertise your business without boring them.

4. Simple Communication

Use simple communication language when dealing with customers. Do not use jargons, cliché’s or convoluted descriptions. This applies to pre and post sale communication. In addition, be transparent about deadlines and expectations in order to avoid any failures to meet their expectations.

5. Assess, Modify, Adapt

Use feedback that you receive to assess or modify your process or product as necessary to enhance customer focus and satisfaction. Though some criticism can be hard, it can be useful for initialing change within the business. React to criticism positively and hand it with care to ensure you stay customer focused in the long run while accommodating differences in culture and social attitudes.

Sales, service and product assessment should be an ongoing part of any truly customer-focused enterprise.

Know your customers well enough to see their needs and expectations, by walking in their shoes to serve them better.

Source: MTD Sale Traing Specialists

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