6 Franchise Tips for second half of 2021

More cities are now reopening with fewer pandemic restrictions due to increasing levels of vaccination and other control measures. The people are looking forward to a post lockdown life and this gives a good reason for small business owners to drive more business. These 6 franchise tips for the second half of 2021, would help small business owners regain focus and prioritize accordingly.

1.Improve Social Media Strategy

One of the effects of the pandemic has been an increase in the population that uses social media. These figures are projected to only keep increasing for the second half of the year. Thus making it a very lucrative platform to identify and engage with customers.

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2.Provide Contactless Solutions

Though there is an increasing number of people who are getting vaccinated, the standards for hygiene and Covid 19 safety will linger for a long time in their minds. People would still prefer a contactless solution over the other, this could be a great way to enhance your sales. If you already offer these services, then continue to do so. If not, explore the possibility and scope of including it in your services. Market about it on social media and your website. This could also boost the brand image, showing that you do care about the customers’ safety.

3.Video and Live Streaming

There has been a drastic spurt in the size of the online video content. In addition, two-thirds of the global population are also projected to have internet access by 2023. That is a huge market that is exploding with potential customers that you can tap into. This also gives you a chance to offer a niche service that your competitors might miss out on.

4.Apply the 80/20 Rule

Review your goals and productivity. The 80/20 rule shows that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. This can help you identify areas that you are doing good at, so you may apply it for similar results in other areas. Further, it also helps you identify trouble areas where you can review and apply different strategies for a more positive result.

5.Explore Strategic Partnerships

Forming an alliance with the right strategic partner can help you enhance your current business. This not only offers you the chance to capture a new set of customers, but also existing customers a new set of products and services. The partnership can offer you expertise in areas that you are not familiar with or wished to outsource. In other words, it helps you reduce cost and minimise risk.

6.Rebuild your Business Strategy

There have been many changes in the way customers are looking to purchase their products and services. Understand the current market trends and utilise them to develop your operations and sales strategy. Find innovative ways to enhance sales and retain business. For instance, rewards and loyalty programs could be a good way to make loyal customers feel special. Ask the question, what other services does the customer expect that I could offer for them.

Source: Black Enterprise

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