6 Mistakes to learn from my 20-year-old Entrepreneur Self

We are bold and daring when in our youth. Seldom do we spare a ear for older people’s wisdom as we think we know better. But most often we eventually do agree if not entirely to a some degree, that there is truth in the old wise words. Experience from one’s life need not be entirely based on right and wrong, but can be perceived as learning and lessons with value. Mistakes are an inevitable part of entrepreneurial journey. Here are some common 6 mistakes that could apply to our younger entrepreneur self.

1.Health is top priority

When we are younger our metabolism is high and so any health deteriorating habit does not immediate affect us. For instance, late night, fast food and lack of exercise. However, as age catches up, we realize that continuing with such habits has a negative impact on our health. Nothing is life can be enjoyable if we are not in good health.

Pay attention to your daily routine for good physical and mental health. This includes wholesome diet, regular exercise and enough sleep. During stressful times, these habits will help us stay grounded.

2.Avoid Stress (Get more organized)

Tips for stress management can be very useful. Stress can be from material things or relationships around us. Pay attention to stressful relationships in your life. Maintaining a clutter free environment is important. In other words, get rid of objects or donate those that are outdated, has served its purpose and is not important anymore. Making space for new positive energy to flow into your lives.

Surround yourself in an enjoyable space with more yoga, self-affirmation, meditation and therapy when needed. Small changes in life can have a big impact when practiced daily.

3.Develop your ability to refuse.

Don’t fear on losing out and hence agree to everything that comes your way. This could result in serious burnout. You do not have to fulfill everyone’s expectation about you. If something isn’t your responsibility or doesn’t thrill you, it’s acceptable to say no. To support the life you want to live, it is preferable to establish clear limits for what is and is not acceptable, as well as how you will manage your time. Saying no to people and places that drain your energy and clearly communicating expectations can help you manage your time more effectively.

4.Put an emphasis on establishing business connections.

Since I was in my 20s, the internet has completely changed how people network. It is much simpler to connect with people through internet platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and email. However, sincerity is essential for developing business relationships, whether offline or online. Spamming your fellow college graduates won’t help, but being involved in your alumni group by volunteering or going to events might be a great way to meet people.

On the other side, you can actively establish yourself as an authoritative voice, offer mentoring to others, and organize networking events and opportunities. Building a strong professional circle necessitates a balance of giving and taking in order to create a supportive environment, just like any other connection.

5.Have faith in yourself

Doubt can creep in at any age, but because you’re still figuring things out, doubts are more prevalent in your 20s. Due to the success comparisons in today’s media-driven culture, it is even simpler to feel this set in. It’s crucial to have a solid sense of self-worth and self-belief.

There will indeed be setbacks and failures, errors and regrets. It doesn’t change the fact that you were intended to do great things because this is all a part of life. Focus on at least three things you enjoy about yourself whenever insecurities appear. Read the books on professional growth that resonate with you and pass over the ones that don’t. Ask for mentoring from a person you respect. There are already enough doubters in the world.

6.Ignore the negative chatter

Filtering out the “noise” of the outside world requires practice. Hearing your inner voice may become more challenging as interactions increase and circles widen. Start with the influences that are most harmful. These people moan all the time and struggle to compliment others. Even if these remarks aren’t meant for you, they’ll still have an impact on your perspective and how you behave around other people.

Limit your time on social media as well. It can get tiresome to deal with the negativity that can result from internet trolls, click-bait headlines, and a general false sense of self. Learn to tune out the bad and tune in to tranquility and thankfulness. Be accepting of the terrible days, though, and remember that they won’t last.

Life is never completely understood at any given time. It involves always remaining in the present while taking lessons from the past to get ready for the future.

Source: Entreprenuer

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