6 Popular Franchise Trends for 2022

Are you dreaming about franchising in 2022? Though we have been through a few challenging years, we have evolved as an industry that can survive even the worldwide pandemic. Let us see what these few years of change and learning have forecasted for this new year. The top 6 popular franchise trends for 2022 are as follows

1. Home Service:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have now started to work and study from home. This means they spent most of their awake time at home. As a result, related industries like pool, home repairs, painting, and so on are now busy.

The most common assumption is that to be part of this service industry, one must have hands-on experience in the same. This is not true, as these businesses are looking for you to be the CEO, and not the one doing the job.

2. Reoccurring service:

Any reoccurring service business like lawn care, pool cleaning, home sanitization, etc, flourished over the last two years. A satisfied customer, that you once engaged with will likely call you for regular business. Further, all these reoccurring services are vital, irrespective of what happens in the world around them.

3. Basic Services:

Businesses like moving, storage, automotive are unaffected by what happens in the world. As people still need to be moving or driving around.

4. Beauty and Health Services:

The beauty, wellness, and fitness industry thrived well in 2020. Though the lockdowns have changed the way people reach out for such services, the demand for the same has only increased ever since. Women and men have started spending more time to look better and stay healthier. The fitness industry has taken it seriously as many have now understood the importance of a healthy body.

5. Senior Care Industry:

Baby Boomers are now aging, irrespective of it, there will always be aging people who need care and attention.

6. Child Care Industry:

Just like how there is always an aging population, there is also a constant children population that demands care and attention. As a result products and services that cater to them and their academic or extracurricular activities like dancing, swimming, karate, etc., will continue to flourish.

Franchising is not just limited to food and retail. There are so many well-performing industries to choose from. And no matter what the situation is in, there is always an opportunity hidden.

Source: The Daly Coach

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