7 Must knows for better Networking

Have you ever dreaded entering a room full of strangers and making introductions? Building a good network is essential to doing business. Here are some of the best advice for effective networking.

1.Do not be tempted to be late.

Even if it seems counterintuitive, arriving early is a far better plan of action than arriving late to a networking event. As a first-time visitor, you’ll notice that it’s quieter and more relaxed, and nobody has yet formed groups. Finding others who are currently without discussion companions is simpler.

2.Pose simple inquiries.

Stay away from the room’s edges while you wait for someone to approach you.

Simply approach someone or a group and ask, “May I join you?” or “What brings you to this event?” Don’t forget to pay close attention to their responses.  Even if you’re not naturally outgoing, you probably have a great ear for listening, which makes it possible for you to learn a lot about someone.

3.Avoid making a sales pitch.

Keep in mind that relationships are the foundation of networking. You don’t need to start the hard pitch right away after meeting someone; keep your conversation lighthearted, amusing, and casual. The goal is to initiate a conversation.

People are more likely to do business or partner with somebody they love being around.

Have a simple to understand description of your business ready in case a potential customer inquires about your product or service.

Make a mental list of your most recent successes before the event, such as a new customer you’ve attracted or a project you’ve finished.

This will make it simple for you to bring up a topic throughout the chat from that list.

4.Share your enthusiasm.

Your excitement for your goods or services will persuade others. Describe the inspiration for starting your business to make a lasting impression. Speaking about your interests can spread contagious enthusiasm. It makes for a memorable two-way conversation when you can get others to express their passion.


It’s a basic engagement rule that is frequently disregarded. You may relax your anxious self and make other people feel welcome and at ease by smiling. Before you enter the room or begin your next talk, don’t forget to grin. What if you’re truly dreading the occasion? Check the door for a bad attitude.

6.Don’t take over the discussion.

Some people who don’t like networking may try to make up for it by controlling the conversation. Remember that the most effective networkers are skilled at making other people feel unique (think of the people you have met). Look them in the eye, say their name after them, pay attention to what they have to say, and provide simple subjects for conversation. Be a good listener rather than a talker.

7.Do not forget to follow up.

The phrase “networking is where the dialogue begins, not ends” is frequently used. Ask your chat companion how to stay in touch if you had a nice interaction. Some people prefer the phone or email, while others choose social media sites like LinkedIn. Make contact within 48 hours of the event to demonstrate your interest and availability, and mention a topic you previously covered so your contact will remember you.

Source: Entrepreneur

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