7 Tips to develop unity at work

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A workplace is usually a mix of people from different cultures, with different goals and challenges. It takes effort for everyone to work in unity. You might notice that there is a drop in productivity when there are clashes of personalities. Follow these 7 tips to avoid conflict and build a better workplace community among co-workers.

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1.Say Thank

Thank you can create an instant sense of harmony and joy. When a person’s accomplishments are recognized, it makes them happy and seen. Taking time to acknowledge even the smallest deeds can make them feel valued. Don’t say thank you only for the big jobs, but also when they open the door, offer to get you coffee or invite you for lunch. A genuine thank you can go a long way in your everyday work life.

2.Notice subtle deeds

A happy employee will go the extra mile at work when they are happy. This means they might stay over late or help out with an uncompleted job. They might do subtle things like edit the company document when they find errors or clean up the common area if it’s messy. The more they feel noticed, the more motivated they will feel to continue looking for ways to improve the office and business.

3.Stay away from gossip

Rumors and gossip have the potential to break even the best relationships at work. Even though they might seem like harmless entertainment, it results in distrust. Since it builds resentment, people always suspect that they are the ones who are being gossiped about. Extend a “No-Gossip” policy and follow it in office and outside during company outings, parties, or any other gathering.

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4.Have an open-door policy

Do not let the hierarchy of roles come between people. Ensure an open environment exists where the employees can “come anytime” with their concerns or discussions without judgment. Everyone comes from a different background and thus might have different views or perceptions of the situation. When you listen, you understand their point of view too. Also, when you are easy to talk to you will be able to nip problems or obstacles before, they blow out. In addition, you may also discover a huge potential for opportunities that you never noticed previously.

5.Create a team spirit

Holding regular meetings with the entire office brings about a sense of togetherness. It makes the employees feel valued. When they feel heard they are more likely to use their talents and creativity to build the business.

6.Offer help

Be ready to help your teammates when they are stuck. You remember how much you would appreciate a helping hand when you feel overworked or stuck. Offer to help your co-workers when they need it.

7.Connect outside of office

Connect and build friendships outside of work with your co-workers. Plan a monthly catch-up over lunch or picnic or a friendly games competition. The relaxed environment will help create deeper bonds.

Source: Entrepreneur

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