Best Practices – Working from Home

Work does not entirely stop outside of office. This is evident from our current scenario where almost the entire world, except for most important organisations, like hospitals, others are all forced to work from home. Given that this could continue till we find a cure for the pandemic, we would like to suggest few best practices while working from home.

1. Design productive work-space

You now have the freedom to create your dream work station anywhere in your house. Be it the living room, dining, garage or any spot you feel the most suitable. This spot must help you work with maximum productivity. In addition, it can also help boost your creativity and positivism. Ensure you eliminate unintended distractions from noise or interruptions from family while working. A naturally well-lit spot with abundance of sunlight can also boost your spirit.

2. Communication is key

We are used to having plenty and immediate communication while working in office with our colleagues and management. Working from home might limit that in ways where we have only planned and intentional communication. There is plenty of medium for both formal and casual communication currently. Make sure you are familiar with the ones most used. For instance, apart from emails and phone conversations, formal calls and meetings can be arranged via Teams, GotoMeeting and plenty other audio-video conferencing tools available. Casual or ad-hoc communication can be via Facebook messenger, Whatsapp or other social media apps.

3. Keep away from Distraction

To keep away from distractions is essential for being most productive. Especially when working from home, since the environment is not built entirely for work. In an unmonitored surrounding, self-control must be exercised to avoid distractions from family, children or even Netflix. Make sure you lay down rules and boundaries in your workspace and working hours with your family. Allot separate work desks if your partner is also working from home. Create a system with a timetable on how to manage the family while one is working. Synergy at home can improve your performance.

4. Work on your self-discipline

Self-discipline must be practiced especially while working from home. Temptation to procrastinate work for watching your favorite series on Netflix or play with your kids might be high while at home. Since there are no fixed work or breaks hours like office, working without a timetable or agenda might hinder your productivity. Write down all important tasks for the day and finish them as soon as you can. You can reward yourself once you complete your work. Use your lunch and breaks wisely to either refresh yourself with meditation, music or a nap.

The concept of working from home though not new, might be hard to practice in the beginning. Put a system in place by having an open discussion with the family members. The best practices mentioned above are useful especially while working from home and can help improve your productivity. These also make working from home a positive experience especially in such hard times. Do also share your insights with your colleagues to help your organization to enhance its performance.

Source: Entrepreneur

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