Find out about the travel trends for 2021

travel trends

Amadeus a travel technology company has recently shared its findings on what could be the post pandemic travel trends. This includes moving hygiene and safety as top priority across the globe. Read on to find out about the travel trends for 2021.

Bucket List for Big Tickets

People have been stuck indoors or within their country for an entire year. They cannot wait to open their bucket list for big tickets and book their trip. Amadeus revealed that 55 percent wanted to take 14days long break. Further 60 percent wanted to take fewer trips during the year.

Digital Nomad

The number of companies that offer work from home options are increasing. Thus giving them the option to move around and book longer stays in countries that are welcoming. Moreover, Airbnb and Love Home Swap are booming in this segment. Further some countries like Barbados now offer the “Digital Nomad” Visa for travelers.

Commitment for hygiene

There has also been an increase in the the priority for health, hygiene and safety. For example, Hilton’s contactless stays, and Marriot’s commitments to health, hygiene and safety. And some hotels like Intercontinental Hotel Group has a dedicated Cleanliness Council called ‘Commitment to Clean.’

Airlines that follow distancing by blocking an empty seat between passengers will have higher preference.

Contactless Technology

Travelers will prefer contactless technology to ease their travel and ensure an enjoyable vacation. Companies that have embraced clear and transparent communication and payment gateways will become more popular and trusted.

Travel advisors are critical

The continuous change of policies and regulations for travel will make travel advisors critical for any travel plans. Moreover, they are the knowledge banks for information related to best deals, travel inspiration, news on latest health and safety policies. In addition, they could also offer re-booking solutions during uncertain times. Amadeus also shared that 40 percent of travelers will expect their advisors to assist and resolve any ad hoc emergencies or problems that arise while traveling.

Choose Impactful travel

There has also been an increasing awareness about choosing to travel with an impact. According to Amadeus 68 percent of traveller will want the money they spend to reach the local economy. It also means that travelers will choose airlines with lower carbon footprint over the rest.

Source:  Travel Pulse 

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