Find out how to use solitude as your superpower


With technology comes the fast paced world that never seems to rest. The need to constantly learn or engage is quite high in today’s competitive environment. However, slowing down momentarily must not be taken as a sign of weakness. Taking a step back from your current situation can help you find clarity and new perspective and that in turn will improve your judgement. Read the below reasons to understand and to find out how to use solitude as your superpower during turbulent times.

1.Why should we embrace solitude

Taking a step back can help us stay focused. Moreover, it can also provide us the space for creativity and competitive advantage. Further, some of the best ideas we have, usually stem from a calm and clear mind. We do not have to travel around the world looking for this solitude or a break. We can find it within us, at our minds reach anytime we decide to look away from the regular distractions.

“Solitude is a crucial and underrated ingredient for creativity,” author Susan Cain told Scientific American in an interview. “In our culture, snails are not considered valiant animals — we are constantly exhorting people to “come out of their shells” — but there’s a lot to be said for taking your home with you wherever you go.”

2.Tune out to tune in

How do you make time when you feel like 24 hours is not enough time for your everyday activities? This is the biggest worry for many individuals who attempt solitude. We’re so “tuned in” to what’s going on in the outside world (understandably so in these times) but we also inadvertently tune out the interior one.

Fighting against time to make more time for oneself might seem like a herculean task in the beginning. However, once you practice the habit to give yourself a 10 min break from all devices and distractions, you will start to understand the effects solitude. Many entrepreneurs are now practicing mindfulness, to help them maintain a work life balance.

3.Therapeutic effects of solitude

There are many therapeutic effects of solitude if pursued by choice. Solitude gives us the time and space we need to introspect our minds, our intentions and our lives. The clarity enables us to regulate and handle our emotions better. This is very important especially in times of crisis or while managing a team.

Just spending 10 mins to 30 mins a day in solitude can have immense long term effects on the quality of work and life that you enjoy. Start small and slowly increase the time as a regular habit, for the results are best when you practice it consistently and with mindfulness.

Source: Entrepreneur

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