Franchising Tips From Home Franchise Concepts HFC

Franchising Tips from Home Franchise Concepts HFC

Home Franchise Concepts (website) is a subsidiary of JM Family Enterprises, a privately owned company with assets greater than $18B. JM Family has earned various awards for its culture, products and services, including 24 consecutive years on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) has fantastic training programs and support systems. They do an incredible job of setting up new franchisees for success. They also provide a business coach for whenever a franchisee is unsure about something while running the franchise.

HFC doesn’t stop there, they keep on acquiring new companies and adding them to the list of brands that can be franchised.

HFC also picks locations at the corporate level. They make it crystal clear that they don’t need any new franchisee to suggest new locations to them. Franchisees have to be located in locations where HFC wants to open a new franchise store(s).

Top-tier customer service or perish

They also advise their franchisees this: Provide top-tier customer service from Day 1. Do not try to cut costs or save money on customer service. Once you please your first 100 customers above and beyond, you will grow fast. But if you get one bad review early on that can easily slow down your growth, depending on level of customer(s) disappointment.

HFC also covers out the cost of outlet / store. They also make the initial franchise fee refundable for any franchisee who wants out at some point.That’s why they make it very clear early on that their franchisees must be hands-on, working at least 60+ hours per week. Working with HFC is not another passive income gig that those social media paid influencers keep advertising!

All those tips / steps guarantee the positive growth and continuous success of their franchises.

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