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Does your business appear when someone googles for it? Do you want your business to appear on the first page of Google without having to pay for it? But before we start, you must have your business listed in Google My Business (GMB) profile for every individual location. Make sure you choose either a physical or service location, so Google can mail you a postcard verification to claim your listing. The physical location is for an office or showroom, where clients come to you. Service location is when you go to your client, to service an area or a neighborhood. The below 4 free tips to show your business in Google Maps, will help rank your business on top of the list.

1.Upload plenty of photos

We decide first with our eyes. So make sure there are enough photos to look at when googling your business. Take as many relevant photos of your location and remember to label them with the full company details and location. For instance “XYZ_Company_123street_anywhere_90879.jpg”. This helps Google to pick up the right image. Moreover, include photos of the products, services, offices, customers, and so on. Likewise, label them all with the business name and details of the photo.

2. Embed Google Map into your website

Search for your business on Google Maps and click on “share” as an “embed map”. Now copy the code and place it on your website. This is similar to including youtube videos on your website. Now every time someone visits your website, they are automatically viewing your Google property. Google picks up on this even if they do not click on the link.

3. Request for Reviews

The more the number of clicks, the higher the probability of Google delivering it in the first few search results. You have to request for reviews as soon as they purchase to increase the chance of them giving you a good review. Do not shy away from asking for reviews more than once from your customers, friends, family or clients. The more you ask, the better you will become at it too.

4. Correct and complete details

Check, recheck and check again if you have mentioned all the necessary information correctly and completely. Test the website, phone numbers, social media links, and look for any misinformation or broken links. Remember this is mostly the first impression of your company to the potential customer. Engaging, simple and accurate information will go a long way in making the best first impression. And the increase in the number and duration of clicks on your profile will drastically influence the probability of your business showing up in the top search results.

Source: Entrepreneur

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