How franchises can get multitasking right!

Though there is a debate about the pros and cons of multitasking, as a franchise owner you do inevitably get involved in a variety of tasks, especially if you are just beginning your franchise journey. This makes multitasking an important skill to have as a business leader and manage your franchise business. But when you wish to do everything, you might also face setbacks. However, you might end up with more problems if you fail to multitask or cannot get it right. The below tips might warn you against some of the most common mistakes that we can avoid while multitasking.

1. Set priorities

When we have a huge list of tasks that needs our attention, it is best to set priorities and work on them with deadlines. This helps ensure that all high-priority tasks get done and only the low-priority tasks are shifted to the next day. This also helps to stay focused and not get distracted with the less important tasks. While it is important to set work priorities, it is also important to meet your personal priorities and maintain a work-life balance.

2. Group tasks together

Stack up related tasks together to help you finish them at once. The reasoning is that our brain can adjust and perform closely related tasks more efficiently. This also minimizes the switching costs between tasks. For instance, if you have to be physically present at a place to finish some work and collect some materials, you can get both done at once. Creating a task list with a list of similar tasks grouped helps you save time.

3. What you can avoid

Multitask only when it is appropriate, do not multitask when your task requires your 100% attention and focus. Also do not overload yourself with too many things to multitask and spread yourself too thin. In other words, don’t overestimate your abilities and set yourself a hard limit to achieve.

Avoid other distractions while multitasking. For instance, turn off your phone or put it on silent while multitasking to avoid distractions. This way you will not be tempted to check your emails and messages every time you hear the notification.

Multitasking can be stressful, especially if you are handling high-priority tasks. Stress and multitasking can become overwhelming and defect the purpose of efficiency. Though we cannot completely avoid stress, we can reduce its effects by taking enough breaks, eating right, getting enough sleep and rest, and also including exercise in our daily routine to ensure that a happy and stress-free mind and body is maintained. In addition, monitor and ensure that multitasking does not result in burnout.

You can be a franchisor or a franchisee, or a small business that is yet to set up franchising, all the above tips to multitask can still apply to you and help you maximize from it. Think of multitasking as a brain exercise that you learn to perform when necessary. Just like any workout, it must not be abused or completely avoided. Multitasking can be included as one of the qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

Source: Entrepreneur 

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