How team building can boost the franchise network

Healthy work environment is essential for the longevity of a successful business. Whether you are managing a franchise network, a group of franchisees or the team of brands, a healthy collaborative team does not just help the management but also the bottom line employees. Let us explore and find out how team building can boost the franchise network and build a stronger team.

1.Set standards for team work

Be clear and precise about what is the general expectation of a high performing team. This will help your team members see more clearly as to what can be best for the team and what is not.

List a charter of cultural norms based on the company’s unique culture and values as a reference point. By setting a standard, it becomes easier to hand the team a working model to follow.

2.Identify the best way to work as a team

Team building is crucial especially in a high pressure environment. By giving the team handy tools for clear communications during such high stake moments, you can retain their sense of camaraderie and not rick loosing it.

For instance, you can request all of your team to fill in a “cheat sheet” about their unique working needs. This helps them identify how they work best and when. Consolidation of the feedback and help you come up with effective ways of engaging to optimize your workplace and motivate them as a team.

3.Share the result

What connects your team is work. And the reflection of your work as a win or loss must be shared among the entire team, to ensure everyone feels included. Involve the team in project reflection or feedback. You can do this by asking them what they feel could have been done differently for better results or what was their learning from the tasks performed. This helps them understand the different perspectives and methods that can be used more effectively to boost performance.

4.Pass it forward

Encourage and reward continuous improvement from the team. Ensure you share what you love about the team’s work and tell them what you love to see more of from them. By sharing positive feedback and best practices, you empower the team and the organization to perform at a competitive level.

Ensure your team feels valued and supported not only by the leaders but also the other members in the team, to build a positive working atmosphere for all.

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Source: Inside Franchise Business

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