How to Engage with Gen Z Employees at Work

Gen Z employees at work

The process of hiring new generation workforce is inevitable to any continuing business. Gen Z refers to those that are born between 1995 – 2015. The oldest of them are in their mid-20s. Understanding what drives them will help you manage them better and make bring out their best for the team. Knowing how to engage with Gen Z employees at work can help you attract the right kind of workforce for your company.

1. Reach them on technology

What makes the Gen Z stand out from the older generation is their ease with technology. Since they do not know a time without the Internet, they grew up being part of social media and online platforms. Therefore, to appeal to the Gen Z workers, ensure your online presence is to the point and keep cutting edge technology to keep them engaged.

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2. Have Personal Interaction

Even though the Gen Z workers are constantly connected online, that does not mean they do not understand the importance of face-to-face connections. In other words, arranging meeting, one-to-ones and brainstorming can help you manage them better and keep them involved.

3. Give them Ownership

Gen Z workers grew up understanding the Great Depression and have witnessed the start-up and gig economy. They are enterprising individuals who have a spirit of accountability. As managers, when you let them take ownership of projects and outcomes, you will be able to see them showcase their strengths better.

4. Avoid Micromanaging them

This generation of workers have very little tolerance to micromanagement. Which means, your role is more in lines with a coach and mentor, where you empower them to take decisions and respect their independence. Treat them like adults and not kids.

5. Commit to a purpose

Since the Gen Z are more connected online socially than most generations, their importance to social causes and issues are among their top priorities. They will engage with a company that has a bigger purpose than just money, they want to make a difference. Translate your company’s goal with a purpose for them to relate to. By doing this, you will keep them give them a sense of focus and accomplishment.

Like with any staff, it is important to understand their strengths and challenges. More importantly, we must remain open to the changing times and different mindsets at workplace. This will ensure smooth and effective performance of the team and the company in the long run.


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