How to grow your franchise during uncertainty?

The key aspect of the current pandemic has been its uncertainty. Showing us once more than the only thing constant is change itself. Success cannot be limited to just pure monetary success in these times. As business owners, there are plenty of innovations that have been incorporated into the operations and strategy, that has not just helped the franchise owners stay afloat, but in some cases even doubled their income. Distancing has been made mandatory and lockdowns are still implemented in some countries. However, technology has bound us closer as a community. The question, how to grow your franchise during uncertainty? can be answered by following the below strategies.

1. Research and learn from those with the experience

Talk to those who are changing course. For instance, an experienced multi-unit franchise operator who wants to add a pandemic ready brand to their portfolio. Research about the effects of COVID-19 on the retail industries, real estate availability, and labor market. This information is key to your franchise development efforts.

2. Build on your strength as a community

The stark difference between an individual business owner and a franchisee is the strength of the franchise community that backs them up from the start. In other words, there exists a business support system in the franchise model with years of experience in operating a profitable business. In addition, the franchise system also provides guidance and resources for a successful franchise. You can highlight all these facts to a potential franchise investor. Established customer base and brand recognition are also some of the benefits of this model. The potential customer will want to know

  • What your franchise has done to adapt and find relief during the pandemic?
  • What criteria did you meet as an essential business?
  • How did you sustain operations and labor through the journey?

The right person will be able to trust you with their investment if you can give them the right information.

3. Community connection is key

We have heard news about how the food franchises donated meals to the front line workers in their community. Knowing how your franchise dealt with the pandemic in your community and with your staff is important to understand your values and priorities. Give examples of how you invested in people and worked towards recovery together.

  • How did you keep your employees safe?
  • What did you offer consumers to help them feel protected with your services?
  • Did you implement initiatives to raise funds or support the community during an incredibly challenging time such as this one?

Moreover, the goodwill you have built over the last 6 months will help your potential franchisee to see your brand’s ability to innovate and overcome challenges. Keep your examples localised to show how your potential franchisees can contribute towards a positive local impact.

The whole world is evolving and adapting to these uncertain times, it is now more than obvious that our franchisees will soon become the face of the locally based business movement to rebuild and strengthen communities and economies. The franchise community has become stronger and more resilient during these challenges. And has proved once again that there is always a way to grow and expand, even during uncertain times.

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Source: Global Franchise Magazine

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