How to juggle the family business and holidays

family business holidays

Juggling the family business and holidays can be cumbersome for many. Moreover, the added burden of handling the pandemic can be exhausting and difficult to handle. Handling family situations is not always an easy and enjoyable experience. More so when combined with the current uncertainty, it can become very daunting.  In these tips below we discuss how to juggle the family business and holidays in the most effective ways. These pointers can apply to both small and large family business.

Family first

The pandemic has taught us all an important lesson by slowing down business and work. It forced us to spend a lot more time with family and we did not have a choice. This in many ways showed us the importance of having family members around. We function better when we have our core values and support system strong. During the holidays you could all be at work and still enjoy being with each other and celebrate your holidays.

Embrace working culture and policies

Even for a family run business, it is important to embrace working culture and policies. Harmony at work can extend to family gatherings as well. It is crucial to agree on expectations, create policies and procedures for involvement with the business. In addition, also talk through long-term vision and strategies for growth. Developing a working culture will strengthen your family and business bond. Therefore there will be less stress while at a family get-togethers and at work when you gather for holiday celebration.

Communication is vital

Communication is vital for all relationships, more so when you run a family-owned business. Poor communication can cause conflict, affect collaboration and even break trust. We agree that conflict is inevitable in family and business. Handling uncomfortable situations with an open mind to help resolve the issue after discussion can actually build a stronger bond between the family. Holidays remind us about the importance of family and give gratitude for them. It is also a time to amend any broken or bad relations with our loved ones.

The challenges and strengths vary for each business and family. By ensuring family values and bonds are never compromised, the quality of business relationships improve. In other words, developing a suitable work culture with excellent communication can help your family and business enjoy a memorable holiday celebration.

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