How to retrain your brain to unlock it’s full potential

It is a myth that we really only use 10% of our brain? However, the MRI shows that even during extremely simple tasks, the majority of our brain is in use. In reality, how we use our brains—rather than how much of it we use—is much more important for realizing our full potential and joining the ranks of the extremely successful.

So many people never develop the skills necessary to fully utilize their brains. Unknowingly the focus their attention on things that negatively affect their business rather than engaging with the most important task at hand. This habit can be broken and is not very difficult. The secret is learning how to focus all of your mental effort on the current task. These tips on how to retrain your brain to unlock it’s full potential, show you how you can start winning at your goals as an entrepreneur, franchisor, franchisee or leader.

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Getting rid of negative internal dialogue

The way you speak to yourself inside your head is one of the key elements when it comes to training your brain for success.

Unhealthy internal monologues are your worst enemy. This is when the voice in our heads tells us that we are not capable to complete the task at hand and starts to reduce the value of our relationships, our skills, and ourselves. These thoughts occur spontaneously and might seem like they are out of our control and consume all out mental energy.

You would have more energy and mental capacity available for decision-making and strategic thinking, increasing your chances of success, if you could put a stop to the struggle brought on by that internal noise. It would all be simpler. Elite entrepreneurs reach exceptional levels of success by liberating and channeling that tremendous energy.

Discovering how to unlock your brain’s full potential

You must start to redefine what it takes to become successful. Managing stress is crucial to understanding how your mind works. Consider your brain to be a computer. What happens when it starts to slow down as a result of excessive data storage, excessive software usage, virus protection, or dealing with corrupt files. You know from years of experience that the computer’s slow performance will cause you to waste time if you don’t fix the problem. Most consumers want professional assistance learning how to remove unnecessary files, delete corrupted ones, shut down useless programs, patch flaws, and get rid of any harmful viruses or malware in order to have things working optimally.

This also applies for our brain which is like a super computer. We need to reduce the negative distractions and focus our energy on productive actions.

You perform a variety of duties as a corporate executive every day that call for a lot of processing power. You strategize to enhance performance, develop cutting-edge goods and procedures, inspire teams to overcome obstacles, and draw in business and talent. It makes sense that your success is constrained when your brain is not able to perform at its best while performing these duties. You must first comprehend that investing in your mental development will yield the biggest return on investment in order to advance to the top levels in the corporate world. This investment improves your business, but it also gives you a richer life and better connections.

You deal with continuously changing technologies, market regulations, and even workplace cultures as a business executive. The biggest obstacles you’ll face, though, will always be inside your head. Make a commitment to taking good care of your brain’s health and doing everything you can to improve its functionality if you want to succeed in life by realizing your potential.

When using your brain to its full potential is your first goal, you develop improved problem-solving abilities, increased creativity, and mental clarity. You increase your potential, take advantage of opportunities, and don’t waste money. Put your most valuable asset, your brain, first if you want to achieve higher business success.

Source: Entrepreneur 

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