6 Tips To Stay Motivated When Business Slows Or Stagnates?

Many Entrepreneurs start business endeavors with full passion, planning and set budget, where they begin the journey with hyped motivation, hardly considering its fluctuating state. Most are excited about the potential that the future holds and manifest what best can happen to the business they have established. However, when the business gets slow the level of motivation and commitment declines, gradually it ends with no courage to takeover.

To keep you focused, motivated and passionate during the inevitable periods of downfall, here below are the six practical tips to follow to increase your productivity and get your work life back to normal:

Establish Attainable Goals

Typically, entrepreneurs set immeasurable goals that are clearly unrealistic. Setting business objectives that are genuine and quantifiable is already halfway achieving it. It is difficult to evaluate when you simply say “I will boost the sales this month” instead setting targets “I will lock 5 hot deals this month” is much easier to chase and gauge. Likewise, setting short term goals helps you to achieve them quicker and keeps you motivated to reach the next one in line.

Recognize and Redefine your Passion

Always remember what made you start the business at first place before you lose your entrepreneurial spirit when things go out of your league. Refine and take charge of your goals, giving all your efforts and energy. Overpower the discomforts and redefine your passion before it gets tarnished.

Mistakes are Inevitable Take Notes

No entrepreneur has tasted success with zero mistakes. Although it’s never easy to admit our mistakes, having self-criticism to improve will lead us to professional growth. Errors that are obviously slowing down the business should be carefully rectified. Once you accept and analyze where things went wrong you can easily take notes ensuring they will not be repeated in future.

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Adopt an Optimistic Mindset

Keeping a healthy and positive mindset is as important as your budget that will run your business. Managing a positive mindset will enable you to transform your failure into valuable lessons. According to the Mayo Clinic, having a positive attitude can reduce depression, boost your immune system, and improve your coping skills. Therefore, eliminating negative self-talk will help improve positive interaction with your employees.

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Surround Yourself with Like-minded People

The company you choose to keep is the most important decision you make in your personal and professional lives. If you surround yourself with positive and successful people, they will most likely rub off on you. Likewise, if you associate with negative people, you are likely to become negative as well. Study your social circle: If they drain your positive energy, it’s time to find a new circle. The same is true for your professional relationships.

Finish Uncompleted Projects

When things slow down, it’s the best time to work on projects that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Use this time to work on a side hustle, improve your website or brand, create and implement new marketing strategies, or even catch up on administrative tasks that have been piling up on your desk, these will keep you going.


Don’t let slow or stagnant business cycles demotivate your entrepreneurial journey. It’s all part of running your own show. Take the necessary steps to prepare for slow times before they occur, and you can increase your productivity to help you navigate those downturns and get you and your business back on track.

Source: Forbes.com

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