How to use promotions to improve franchisee’s experience

As a franchisor, franchisees are your first customers that you must serve to impress. What better way to do this than by offering multiple promotion opportunities to them to explore. Knowing how to use promotions to improve franchisee’s experience can help you get not just the customer’s attention but also the franchisees’ loyalty.

1.Limited-time offer

Any promotion that goes on only for a short period of time has more value, as it urges people to use the offer. In other words, if you don’t make the offer for a limited time, you will be stuck with a product that has a low price. For instance, make a limited time offer on a product or service that has good demand. End the offer once the demand dies out. A flash sale is another way to boost sales for few days or hours.

Two advantages of limited time offer is that one, it gives the customer a sense of urgency to buy the product or service, else they know that it is gone. The second is that you can choose to stop the offer is it too labor intensive or if the demand is low.

2.Get creative

Make it flashy and big. What are promotions if they are not hyped or talked about in town. Be it either winning a contest or doing something trendy? Do whatever it may take to get the customers’ attention. Doing something crazy or out of the ordinary will get people talking about your brand. For instance, Dominos in Japan tried to deliver pizza with reindeers. Though later they found out that reindeers do not like to drag sleds of pizza across the snow.

3.Engage with your customers

In today’s era of social media, if you can get your customers to post pictures while participating in a promotion, consider it a success. They will be an enthusiastic bunch of customers who enjoy sharing about your promotion, and for those that don’t, at least they will still be seeing the post. Do not limit yourself to just social media. Invite mothers to your business on Mothers day for a small gift or free coffee.

Having loyal customers is not the end of the road. Showing them that you care and will make the effort to engage and talk about your store experience is what will save their loyalty in the long run. This in turn also improves your relationship with your franchisees who will see that you are backing their efforts to sell.

Source: Forbes

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