Learn how to market your restaurant using TikTok


Anything that has an everlasting effect, touches you emotionally and urges you to share with others. That is exactly how good movies are made. This is also what makes TikTok so enjoyable and popular. The video clips are less than a minute and they let you share a creative, funny or informative message. Most importantly, it is very easy to edit and create a suitable video. Moreover, they are one of the fastest growing social media platforms currently.  In the U.S, the number of adults on the platform has grown from 2.6 million in 2017 to 14.3 million as of last September — a 550% increase. The below tips can help you learn how to market your restaurant using TikTok.

The below tips can help you use TikTok irrespective of the size, location or type of cuisine you serve at your restaurant.

1.Behind the scenes look

Share videos of your working space, show them around your kitchen and introduce your chef. Make the audience feel like they know you and your work. Share some videos on how you cook to gain trust and credibility. Some of the largest following TikTok stars are those who can gain the trust of the viewers with some useful information that can be shared.

2. Showcase your people

Most of TikTok’s audience is the younger generation who like brands that are transparent and authentic. Show them the farm from where you source your produce. Show them how you choose the best produce from the market. Let them see how your baker makes their bread. By showcasing your activities you earn more followers and likes for your restaurant.

3. Share recipes

Use jump cuts to show videos of your recipes. Take time to show off some of your best or easy creations. Some of the popular chefs on TikTok share their recipes and also their tips specific to each recipe. Additionally, you can also share some specific tips on how to handle certain trouble areas like avoiding or cleaning the mess or stain from a certain food. Or how to choose the best knife for cutting certain meat.

4. Give lessons

You could earn the attention of house chefs by offering lessons. For example, how to clean and cut certain vegetables. Or tips on when to dice, mince or julienne vegetables for certain dishes to bring their best flavors. Or you could share a unique or authentic method of preparation from traditional ways.

5. Present new menu items

TikTok is a great way to set up and present your new menu items in an interesting way. Watching someone set a cheese board might not sound so exciting but can look very compelling if presented right. When they see the effort that goes into the menu items they are presented with, they are more likely to show further interest in your brand.

6. Go Live

When you hit the 1000 followers mark, you are set to go live. You could explore this feature in a variety of ideas. Go live and have a talk show or a live cooking class. When you go live ask your followers to suggest new toppings for a fun pizza. Use the live feature to engage and connect with your audience.

TikTok like all social media comes with numerous advantages. There is plenty of content to learn and use. The above tips can help you learn how to market your restaurant using TikTok in an easy and fun way to begin with.

Source:  Fast Casuals

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