List of Fast Food Winners during the Pandemic

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The pandemic has affected us all. Judging the sales results of restaurants from 2019 is tricky. Most of the restaurants that survived are the ones that came up with innovative alternatives to dine-in options. The QSR list of fast food winners during the pandemic, is not just a status report but rather the base for what the future holds. Hopefully, we have moved past the worst times. Nevertheless, our lessons on adaptability and innovation will help us strive towards success.

This QSR report is based on Securities and Exchange Commission filings, research firm FoodserviceResults and information received from restaurants between March and May for brands in America.

The top five are Mc Donald’s, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell and Burger King in that order.

The success of Mc Donald’s could be largely attributed to their rapid response to the pandemic by closing dine-in before they were a norm. In addition, they cut their all-day breakfast option to reduce the pressure on the team. In addition, they followed strict hygiene by taking temperature check before employees enter work. It is worth to take note of McDonald’s business move and learn from it.

However, though third on the list, Chick-fil-A moved up two spots and secured the third place this time. The drive-thru lanes was a blessing when other restaurants were shutting down dine-ins. They have also introduced family meals for $13.25 and launched a “Nightly Nuggets” video cooking series using their items.

If you go further down the list, you will notice how Subway has moved from No3 to No6. You would have noticed a lot of Subway franchises closing down in the neighbourhood over the last few years. Subway did also provide millions of free sandwiches to the needy. Moreover, some stores even diversified by selling groceries and build your own sandwich concept for their customers.

No matter how large or small the franchise, the pandemic has had an impact on all. It has once again reminded us that nothing should be taken for granted, and we should always adapt and optimize the business we are in.

Source: Forbes

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