Safety habits for all kinds of franchises


The franchising industry is expected to grow with every passing day. Some of these include fast-food restaurants, personal services, and healthcare. Buying a franchise comes with many advantages. This includes using a proven business model, using existing branding and marketing channels and many more. It also includes taking responsibility to work in full compliance with the high standards set by a franchisor. The below mentioned safety habits for all kinds of franchises point out some basic and general pointers for ensuring the overall safety and wellbeing of your staff and customers.

Food Franchise

It is common for fast food chains to be staffed by employees in the age group of 16-19. Most of the time, as a result of trying to impress their manager or serve their customers, they work at high speed. Thereby increasing the chances of injury or danger. Moreover, at times when work is hectic or busy, the kitchen area could easily turn into a potential hazard zone. For instance, slippery floors, poor handling of sharp knives, risk of holding hot or heavy equipment. Therefore necessary steps have to be followed to prevent and avoid any mishap while at work. For instance, non-slip shoes to prevent falling. In addition use absorbent rags and squeegees. Further, employees must wear safety gear while at work.

Building Franchise

Construction workers operate in the most dangerous environment. They work with different machinery and power tools every day. As a result, they are constantly exposed to a variety of occupational hazards. It is important to ensure the site is maintained well by removing all waste, like metal or wood. Also, ensure all tools and equipment are well maintained and taken care of.

Health & Senior Care Franchise

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare employees work in some of the most stressful situations. As a result they face carpal tunnel syndrome and stress fractures. In addition they are also exposed to numerous health hazards like slips and falls, constant exposure to various diseases, unavoidable consequences of prolonged standing and lifting of patients. They must be given mandatory training on safety procedures and the usage of safety equipment.

Educational Franchise

It is common for students from the age of 6-18 yrs to end up in a medical emergency while at schools or educational centers. It also puts the teachers and workers in the school at risk. Children must be educated and taught the method of smart risk taking. In other words, they must be educated enough to understand if a risk is worth taking. Creating awareness among all those in the system will help them tackle the dangerous situation effectively. Further extra set of safety measures for the teachers and students is a good idea.

White-Collar Franchise

All kinds of office franchises are exposed to risks that are of a more subtle but serious nature. These could range between headaches, neck or eye strain, back injuries or more mentally stress related. Which could otherwise be avoided by using good quality computers, high quality chairs and stress free working atmosphere.

It is not possible to predict any accidents. However, it is possible to prevent them from happening by following all the precautionary measures. A safe workplace sets up your business for growth and success.

Source: Franchising USA

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