Successful franchises invest in digital marketing

It is obvious to many that digital marketing is taking the front seat when it comes to driving the business through Covid crisis. The absence of other channels like live events, face to face business and a combination of restrictions on the usual marketing strategies are a huge challenge. Scorpion’s franchise development team explored more than 50 active client franchise development websites and digital lead generation campaigns. They found successful franchises to invest more in digital marketing during Covid crisis.

On one hand we also see how the pandemic has resulted in a lot of qualified people losing their jobs. These people are looking to build on their income source by investing their savings. And they are all looking for new career alternatives online.

Organic traffic and paid advertising:

  • Continued spending on paid advertising at pre-Covid levels saw a 6.52% decrease in organic website traffic.
  • Reduced spending on paid advertising saw a 16.56% decrease in organic website traffic.
  • Brands that stopped spending on paid advertising saw a 37.06% decrease in organic website traffic.

Note: More people are spending more time online now. Studies show that paid advertising correlates to the organic traffic for brands. People who see the franchise advertisement while working on Google, Youtube, Facebook or other social media, will enter the franchise brand when they are looking for franchise opportunities.

Paid ad impressions inventory:

Results of paid ad impressions during the corona period is as follows.

  • Brands that have continued their ad budgets at the same rate have experienced a 28.29% increase in ad impressions.
  • Brands that reduced or stopped spending saw reductions

Note: The Ad inventory is up, with more people spending their time online. Competition for ad inventory is down, with brands cutting back ad campaigns. More supply and less demand has resulted in lower prices for the ad inventory.

Paid ads and lead generation:

  • Brands that continued paid advertising at pre-Covid levels, overall leads fell 15% partly due to the drop in organic results, but paid leads are up 3.69%.

Note: Since across the board organic leads are dropping, paid marketing is our last resort. Continuing paid advertising can help the brands with lead volume. The difference between 28% in paid impressions and 3.7% in paid lead can be explained. The Franchise Insights buyer sentiment study suggests that while interest remains high, some buyers may be holding off on active discussions with franchisors. Constant awareness and engagement can help the franchise brands the advantage of expansion post pandemic crisis.


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