Timeline for setting up a franchise

Financial freedom is what we aim for during our lifetime. An owning a franchise can help you achieve it rapidly. The timeline for setting up a franchise can help you understand what you can expect in the franchise world.

Set Goals

First set your goals and then create a business plan. The business plan will guide your financial side of planning and owning a franchise. While doing this, remember to brainstorm for  short and log term goals for the future franchise. Compare the costs of different franchises in the interested locations that are available. Match what is needed to start a franchise with how much money you have ready.

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Franchise Mentor or Advisor

Finding and working with a professional franchise mentor or advisor is good way to get started. In other words it helps you learn about the process of buying and managing a franchise. In addition it also helps you discover about other franchises that are currently growing.

Do your research

Do your research about the shortlisted franchises. For instance, their startup costs and their maintenance costs. Likewise find out the various franchise locations that are in your current area or the area you intend to invest in. The more you learn about the franchise, the better your judgement to pick the most profitable and growth potential business.

Join the franchise community locally and online. Ask questions, look for resources and discuss with professionals about their experiences and learnings as owners or investors. This additional support will give you more confidence to choose the right franchise or source the funds to invest.

Network with Other Franchises

In addition to online communities, be a part of networking conferences to build your contacts in the franchise world. This will provide you valuable insight about owning and managing franchises. Moreover, networking also provides connections for future marketing, growth, and expansion opportunities once you become a franchisee.

Franchise Discovery Day

Franchise Discovery Days helps potential franchisee connect with the franchisor at their corporate office to learn more about them. These can be done virtually too. This is the time to ask the important questions to your franchisor before buying. You can review some tips to succeed at the franchisor interview to make the best of it.

Choose your Location

The right location can make a big difference in the profitability of any business. Invest time to find out information about right location. For example, it is over crowded? What is the kind of competition around? Some franchisors will offer help to shortlist a location. Other times you can submit your request for approval. Find out what is your decision making power over finalising the location.

Secure Your Funding

This is a real step towards owning and operating your own franchise. You can even own a franchise with no money. And there are plenty of options for funding available. Be realistic and choose the one that best suits your current situation. Remember to estimate the funding necessary until you start making profits. As profits are not instant in most cases.

Franchise Agreement

After deciding the location and securing the funds, you are ready to sign the agreement. It is best to consult with an attorney before signing the agreement or finalising the terms and conditions. They can also help you understand the agreement terms better. In addition, the attorney could also help you find points that you wish to negotiate.

Additional Paperwork

Once you sign the agreement, you will need to complete the additional paperwork to initiate work. This includes licensing, insurance, permits and anything else that is required by law. This can vary based on your city, state, and even specific zoning areas you are interested in using. Consult with your franchisor on what are the best ways to get the paperwork sorted.

Staff Training Materials

Review and familiarize yourself on all staff training materials with the franchisor first. The advantages of a franchise system is being able to use a variety of ready and on-demand materials. This comes in handy when you need to hire new employees, train staff members or even order supplies. The franchisor provides the contact information for vendors, staff, employees and HR. The more familiar you are, the less stressful you will feel during the launch.

Open Your Franchise

Market your franchise using online and offline strategies. Take into account the type of target customers and their demographics. Most importantly, consider the budget allocated for the different target segments. Consult with your franchisor on what guidelines to follow for promotions. Check if there are any specific terms for the grand opening promotion.

Starting a franchise needs commitment and dedication to the process in place. The more you learn, more the confidence you will have to run profitable franchise.

Source: Franchise Direct

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