Tips for communicating effectively with franchisees


Greg Nathan is the founder of the Franchise Relationships Institute (FRI) and recognized as a global thought leader on the psychology of franchising.

He is has been a registered psychologist for 35 years and is regularly invited to deliver keynote addresses at franchise sector conferences around the world.

Greg’s books, such as Profitable Partnerships and the Franchisor’s Guide to Improving Field Visits, are regarded as essential reading for anyone who works in the franchising sector.

His numerous franchising models such as the Franchise E-Factor and The Franchising Wheels of Excellence are all based on empirical research, and have helped shape the way franchising is conducted around the world.

On his Linkedin page, he shared some golden tips for communicating effectively with franchisees

1 – Hold regional roadshows with groups of franchisees.

Ensure around 60% of the program is interactive and involves franchisees in discussions or activities.

2 – Ensure topics are important and relevant to franchisees. Communicating ahead of time in terms of what’s in it them is of great importance.

3 – Ensure the content and delivery is interesting and compelling.

If necessary rehearse and coach presenters to maintain a high standard of delivery.

4 – When doing repeat presentations to different groups, remember each presentation is the first time this group will have seen it. So keep it fresh every time.

5 – Roadshows should be attended by at least one senior leader as well as appropriate experts depending on the topics being explored. Ensure leaders stay attentive or give the impression they are being attentive so franchisees feel the information is important.

6 – Hold your first roadshow with an easier, more cooperative region to iron out the kinks before going to more difficult regions.

7 – After each roadshow, hold a short, focused debrief for communicating what went well and what could be improved.

8 – Have monthly network catch up calls, either by phone or using a video platform. Keep these under 30 minutes and have a “Fast 5” key messages that are each short, clear and consistent.

9 – Use multiple mediums for communicating with franchisees

For instance, text alerts to remind people of important messages, emails, phone calls, video platforms, social media. Pick one social media platform and use this to keep things simple and convenient.

10 – Keep emails short and to the point and coordinate these through a central person so they are restricted to certain times a week. Be consistent in timing and style.

11 – Include video conferences for coaching calls.

12 – Ensure your leadership team are actively involved in your FAC and that they treat the process seriously.

13 – If communication gets stuck practice the NEMO technique – Name the issue; show Empathy; and Move On the conversation with a solution focused question or suggestion.

14 – Use live video meetings and record these so people who could attend can watch them at a convenient time.


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