Tips on how to pick the right franchise

The choice to pick franchise as a business over one’s own business from scratch has many advantages. Food franchises are the most popular options for those looking to buy a franchise. However, over the last decade, there are franchise opportunities in almost every industry. These tips on how to pick the right franchise can help you choose your next franchise business with more clarity.

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1. What are your expectations from your franchise?

Are you looking for a complete business experience from your franchisor with help to take off as quickly as possible? Or are you looking for something less stressful in terms of business? There are all kinds of franchises that can cater to your needs and expectations. Do not jump into the first choice that comes your way. Take time to understand what you desire as the outcome of your commitment.

2. What amount of money and time can you invest?

There are plenty of franchise opportunities for all kinds of time or money investment that you may prefer. For instance, food franchises are more expensive since they come with the need for restaurant premises. On the other hand, cleaning franchises have fewer overheads and expenses. With more time and money at your disposal, your options will increase too. Besides, the more time and money you can invest, the greater the financial returns.

Nevertheless, be honest with yourself and set realistic goals and expectations. Though you can only work part-time and have moderate cash reserves, do not limit to thinking there are no worthwhile franchise opportunities to consider. Like most businesses, franchisees also take time to generate revenues. Therefore it is very important to ensure you are sufficiently back up in terms of finance to keep the business running. Also, keep a reserve for any unexpected expenses that may arise.

3. What is the risk involved?

The franchise system minimises the risk for both the franchisor and franchisee. The franchisor gets to grow his brand faster with franchisees. While the franchisee gets to start and run his own business without the hassle of developing a concept, process and branding. Since these are already dealt with by the franchisor. However, they both still have their time, money and career that are at risk.

4. What are your relevant skills and experience?

While choosing a franchise, it is advisable to choose something that you have experience in. Just like any other career choice, remember that in a franchise business too, it helps to have relevant skills and experience to take on the challenges with more confidence. Moreover, the passion to learn and develop skills and knowledge also plays a vital role while choosing the right franchise.

It will be easy to shortlist potential franchises once you have answered all  the above questions in earnest. There is still no guaranteed path for success like any other business. Work hard towards success but also have an exit strategy in mind just in case things don’t work out.

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