Tips to reopen restaurants

UAE is lifting the lockdown restrictions on restaurants. All the public are encouraged to maintain the highest standard of sanitisation and social distancing measures. In addition, we also hear that many parts of the world have started lifting their restrictions. And there are several lessons we can learn from the parts of the world that has reopened during the pandemic. How will you manage traffic if more people turn up than expected? How do you ensure sanitisation during peak hours? Below are some tips to reopen restaurants for these times.

Maximise the usage of space

This involves not just cleaning and decluttering your space. You need to rework the entire utility point of its usage. Remove the unnecessary decorations that can collect dust. Keep the place light and bright. In addition it also needs to smell clean and fresh. Remove all the touchpoints existing in and out of the restaurant. In addition you could move the take-out or delivery counter outdoors. This will enable access to pick up staff and reduce the need to cramp up your restaurant space.

Create a fun and safe space

There is a lot if fear that people have been experiencing while being indoors in the last few months. Some might still choose to stay indoors to be safe, while some are anxious to get out. Give the staff and the customers a safe and comfortable space to enjoy dining at. Add some fun elements to the new norms and use your creativity to challenge the problems. For instance, use little stickers on the floor to mark the social distancing or direction. Similarly you can use branded aprons, gloves and masks with your logo.

Do not cut back on staff

Have plenty of staff doing continuous rounds of cleaning and sanitizing. This is the time to make your customers feel safe and welcomed. Cutting back staff to reduce cost might actually end up adversely. Keep plenty of hand sanitisers around. Ensure there are paper towels in the hand wash area, as some prefer to use it to open the doors. Look at every aspect of the customer dining experience as your own. Have someone open the door and sanitize the restroom after every use.

Webinar on tips to reopen restaurant

“I think the first group of people coming in are willing to take the chance,” Rosenfield said. “These people are basically saying, ‘I’ve had enough, I’m going to come out and enjoy a good dinner and a beverage.” Rosenfield was a panelist for the Franchise Times webinar titled “Welcoming Back Staff and Customers: Tips for Doing It Right,” the second session in the second round of Restaurant Recovery Week webinars focused on how operators can manage through the new norms of the strange times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moderated by Foodservice News Editor Nancy Monroe, the webinar featured panelists including Rosenfield, Apex Supply Chain Technologies CEO Mike Wills, and Shea Design principal and partner Tanya Spaulding.

Check out the full webinar for more insight from the panelists and Q&A from other restaurant operators.

These tips to reopen the restaurants are crucial to make the staff and customers feel safe to return to a normal life.

Source: Franchise Times

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