Top 3 questions to ensure your franchise tech is Up-To-Date

In the current world, technology is an important factor that can determine the success of your franchise business. Below are the three questions that you can ask yourself to ensure that your franchise tech infrastructure is Up-To-Date.

1. Do you employ good SEO and Social media presence?

What is the point of having the best product or service if your target customers are not able to find you? Can your customer find your business on Google Maps?  Research on ways to identity sale generating customers and connect with them. Search Engine Optimization helps your business appear on the top lists during their search on google. Though this applies only when your customer knows your business exists. If you fall into the niche business segment, then you will first have to raise awareness about the problem and how you can provide the solution for it. Ensure you move towards digital transformation. In today’s age of social media, you can reach millions of customers by going viral. But going viral is not easy or the only way to gain their attention. You may drive organic growth to your brand by being consistent, engaging and educational in your content delivery to increase your following. In addition, you may also invest in digital marketing.

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2.Are your trade tools modernized?

It is not merely the technology trends that must be matched. Modernization of your trade tools can apply to any business from a bicycle franchise to a software-as-a-service provider. Making sure that the actual infrastructure and physical devices are up to date is very important. For instance, in the commercial cleaning industry, electrostatic spraying has now become a quintessential avenue in facility solutions, and those that haven’t added this option to their list of services are, in part, leaving valuables on the table.

3.Are your internal networks modernized?

Anything related to bookkeeping, financial and payroll are left untouched while implementing changes for fear of messing the entire business up in the worst case. These internal networks are more often also forgotten as they are not front-facing for the business and hence get pushed to the side during busy times. Modernizing these networks for example finding a less expensive bookkeeper or cheaper payroll platform can save you money and thus be a worthwhile change. This also means that you are benefitting from a lower cost when technology improves and there are more competitive suppliers available in the market.

Prevailing over a pandemic has left us with some valuable lessons on staying connected while increasing our presence online.  Don’t be afraid t look at all of your business areas that can benefit by updating them. Question everything, even those that you think are unchangeable. It is healthy to review and constantly look for ways to improve your business from the inside out as you keep up with the new trends.

Source: Forbes

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