Top 5 attributes that qualify you to purchase a franchise

Franchises in general will not just partner with anyone who is interested. There are many qualities and conditions that are required to partner with someone for the long run. Do not be fooled by those franchises that fail to do their due diligence. A good franchisor usually asks a lot of questions. In order to gain their trust and seize the opportunity, you must ensure you have the following top 5 attributes that qualify you to purchase a franchise.

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1.Your net worth:

Money is crucial for any business. Starting and sustaining a  business until it reaps profits might require you to reach into your assets. Hence franchise systems set requirements for the net worth of the potential franchisees.

2. Liquid capital:

What is the total cashable bank accounts and assets that you can leverage on? Thought there are many financing options available for setting up a franchise, you will still have to be able to invest in start up costs. The most preferred balance is 50-50 balance between cash investment and financing

3. Transferrable Skills:

You do not have to have handy man experience to handle a repair franchise. However, franchises are looking for people with transferrable skills. For instance, do you have customer service experience, team management skills, are you data savy? Example, A former real estate agent might make a great internet marketing company franchisee — her sales skills will help her win clients and close sales.

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4. Matching Personality:

If you wish to run senior care business, you need to be able to handle emotional situations with empathy and professionalism. Likewise for fast food restaurants, you will need to have the patience to manage a team of young, inexperienced workers. Matching your personality with the franchise requirements is important. There are probably great concepts out there that you’ve never heard of, but for which you are perfectly suited.

5. Drive:

What are your expectation of running a franchise? Are you planning to contribute on a full time as an active participate or only manage it overall as a silent partner? Though a ideal franchise must provide you with all the training and support you will need to run and grown the business, you will still need have the drive to achieve your financial goals while balancing your work and personal life.

Source: Frannet

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